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The Old Stone Fort
The Old Stone Fort Museum Complex celebrates and preserves the rich, historic legacy of NewYork’s beautiful Schoharie Valley. Buildings include an early 1700s home, a 1780s Dutch barn, an 1830s law office, and an 1890s one-room schoolhouse as well as the 1772 stone church that was fortified and attacked by British forces in 1780.

Landis Arboretum
The Landis Arboretum is a 548-acre public garden overlooking historic Schoharie Valley near Esperance, New York. With the support of a bequest from friend and colleague George Landis, Fred Lape, founder, aimed to grow every species of woody plant from temperate regions around the world that would survive in the hills of Schoharie County.

Howe Caverns
A new era began for Howe Caverns on April 19, 2007 when the 220 shareholders of Howe Caverns, Inc. sold the company to two local men, Charles M. Wright and Emil J. Galasso. Both men vowed to invest several million dollars in improvements to Howe Caverns over the coming years.